About project

Alcohol is pleasure if only to drink moderately

We are the KiN Group which dates back to 1940. We produce brandy, vodka, and sweet nastoikas (liquors). We know all about them. We are not shy to be called leaders of the alcohol industry in Russia.

We want to show the world where alcohol - a product that deserves respect, tasty, atmospheric, uniting.  It is only necessary to learn to understand it, as in everything else that matters in your life ... Knowing sense in the drink and find your limits of its consumption. Being able to feel the line that passes between a painful addiction and the desire to relax, enjoy a gulp of a fragrant drink.

Some people drink only vodka, someone experiments with unusual tasty cocktails, someone enjoys a glass of excellent brandy. To drink or not to drink, to find your limits and strictly follow it - a private matter for each adult. The main thing is to feel confident that it is you who drink alcohol, but not alcohol manages your life!

So what are we talking about? About culture, of course! About culture of drinking and a sense of proportion, when you consume on the occasion and moderately. And no pretext.