Cocktail recipe for the nation

Cocktail recipe for the nation

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Cocktail recipe for the nation

When a man feels good or, vice versa, bad, when he has got tired or simply wants a living communication, he frequently goes to a comfortable bar. This is the place where it is possible to relax, take off stress, talk or stay in loneliness, and it is possible to overdrink alcohol, that will deliver no pleasure... Work of a bartender, his professionalism and ability to get along with people are more important than ever in this situation. With a request to tell us the specific bartenders’ secrets, and also to tell about limits in alcohol consumption we addressed to the President of the Bartenders’ Association of Russia (B.A.R.) Sergey Tsyro.

Please, say honestly, if it is profitable for a bartender to drink a guest under a table?

— No, and it is a big delusion! If you, for example, overdrink in some bar and the next morning you will feel bad or even ashamed, will go back to this place? Never! Statistics tells us about it! And if you have only pleasant flashbacks about this evening, you will certainly come again or even will recommend this establishment to your friends.

You mean that a bartender is interested in such guests who know their limits?

— Yes! And moreover, the International Association of Bartenders is interested in this also! Quite recently coryphaeus and fathers of bartenders’ business gathered in Portugal, where courses on social responsibility for bartenders were worked out. Laws, which oblige to pass such courses by not only bartenders and waiters but also by owners of restaurants, are already accepted in different countries; otherwise they will not be able to open their establishment.

What is the essence of these courses?

— There is a serious contradiction in the profession of a bartender. A bartender must sell as much alcohol as possible, because in the first place he is a salesman. But if you sell much — a man will get drunk and will never come again. And you cannot allow it! Many methods are therefore invented, how to sell plenty of alcohol without harm for a man’s health. Many alcohol companies are ready to participate in this project, because concrete economic sense is stopped up in it.

Task of the courses is to teach bartenders so that a man came to them as frequently as possible. Then he brings more money, moreover with pleasure and becomes a profitable client.
As for the mechanism of this knowledge transmission, at first I undergo training in Europe, and then teach specialists which will train all other in the future here. Sooner or later in Russia laws, obligating all bartender, waiters and restaurateurs to pass such training, will be accepted so that it is needed to get prepared beforehand.

— Is that the essence of the culture of drinking?

— Well, yes! They say we drink more than anyone in the world. If to compare us with Irish, we are children! We take a liter for each, get drunk within two hours, and then we are ill for three days. And they also drink a liter for a man, but during all day. Besides they dilute it with soft drinks, ice — that is why liver has time to cope with it.

As a result a man is constantly in a merry state — tiddly, and we are not tiddly but under the table, there is little pleasure, but alcohol volumes are approximately the same. It is better to drink little by little — then it is good for organism and for the sales.

— Is there already an experience of successful introduction of this training in the world?

— Certainly. Singapore, Australia, Japan. Previously Japanese people got terribly drunk on Fridays, and now there are very few such thrill-seekers. Japan is a unique country — there nobody fights with alcohol, therefore drugs are not sold at all. They say in Japan: «Why drugs? Better have a drink! » What does a man need in fact to be in comfort?..

— And is this training program kept in a secret or will it be accessible to common people?

— The key is in the process of communication. A bartender will tell why it is needed to drink just like this, but not another way. Employees will specially be taught how to behave not to offend a guest, to explain to him that it is enough for him. In bartenders’ work communication is basis, all the rest is second-rate: it is possible to teach anyone. Then this knowledge will reach out, a man will retell interesting and useful information to his friends.

— Does it turn out, that waiters and bartenders become beams of culture of drinking?

— Certainly. This project is strategically aimed at the population. For us lately strong alcohol consumption drunk straight goes down. And refreshing cocktails sales grow! Today people start to drink more delicious and interesting drinks, and it means that people begin to understand sense of culture of drinking.

— And how can a bartender help a guest, if he is a little overdrunk?

— It is impossible to say that to a man straight, that he is drunk: certain tricks are needed here. There are a great number of them. It is possible, for example, to offer to a guest something not so strong. To remember how this bar was visited by Nikolya Sarkozi and as he preferred this very cocktail... What will a man order after that? He will follow recommendation of a bartender, will not get drunk and will be satisfied.

— What do you think, what determines an internal sense of proportion of a man?

— Experience. Not whole bottle at one stroke and you are a hero, as it was in young days! Why?!! Slightly, slightly...  everyone has fallen, and you took away the best girls... (Laughing.) In general, in many countries as early as in school it is explained how to consume alcohol. A man is taught in fact, how to get dressed, how to string laces, because it will be useful in life. And people will use ability to drink sooner or later: in fact only some people do not drink, others drink.

— The KiN Group is a leader of alcohol industry in Russia — has developed a project «Know your limits», declaring social responsibility of alcohol producer before a consumer. What do you think how social responsibility of alcohol producers can be expressed nowadays?

— Firstly, to produce a high-quality product only. And secondly, spend means on books edition, collections with the recipes of cocktails, educational literature and many other things. In fact if a man has never tried anything good — where will he get to know about it? By the way, it is possible to produce a good book with funny stories, like Zoschenko, that will really catch people.

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