Opinions of experts

Opinions of experts

Знай меру

Any problem can be discussed!

What associations are born, when we think of the glass with aromatic brandy? Maybe we hear laughter of friends, clink of cutlery, smells hover in the air, and around a lot of different dishes with delicious food... Oh, I turned to be hungry! Idea! Let's get to the Russian Club and Restaurant of the Central House of Litterateurs where a culinary magician, the enchanter of gastronomic art — Chef Alexander Popov reigns. He is surely aware of a measure and what it is eaten with...

How does your family accept guests?

— I love to accept guests, although I do not drink at all, but it does not bother me a bit. I say toasts, sing songs, dance... I'm not an unsociable person, on the contrary! And my friends know their limits and after each meeting, we have only good memories. The recipe is simple: a long feast and properly chosen food.

Properly chosen food? Share your secret!

— I cook soup on meat broth for sure and cook meat dishes. All this allows a person to stay sober for a long time. I am sure that any table should be with the first dish. It is not necessarily cabbage soup, and not necessarily at the beginning of the feast. I noticed that when guests have drunk a lot, they eat soup with pleasure, especially men. And it is no coincidence! Rich broth helps the liver to reorganize and remove alcohol from the body.

Have you talked with your children about harmful effects of alcohol?

— I talked with my son earlier and explained that you can drink a glass of brandy for dinner and that is all, that a bottle of vodka drunk on an empty stomach will do no good. I am glad that he heard me. And more recently, looking at me, he also stopped to drink at all. And so I have never restricted anyone. My friends are always happy to come to visit me, and I treat them generously.

Do you think it is worth drinking alcohol to relieve stress or there are more effective ways?

— Each of us has power over himself; each finds a tool for tranquility. Someone beats his head against a wall, someone takes a glass, and someone runs in the park in the morning. If a friend comes to me and says that he has a problem, I always suggest to him: «Come on I will roast you a piece of meat, you will eat hundred grams, we'll talk and you will be easier». Good conversation and good food always cheer up! A hungry man is always angry.

What do you imply by the concept of «limits»?

— Everyone must know his organism, and each has his own limits. For one it is 100 grams, another 50 gr. In general, I noticed that the most common category of people is those whose measure is 100 gr. Many of my friends drink a little bit for dinner. When a person loses control over himself, does not want to listen to anybody and to understand anybody, then he should not drink at all. I know many people who gave up drinking, because they realized that they could not stop. They thought about their life, understood that they can lose everything. If this does not happen, we all know how this man finishes his life.

Is it possible to help a person at home if he overdrank alcohol?

— Yes, it is possible. He must be fed! Gently persuade your comrade to sit down and eat, preferably meat rich broth, or other solid food. Then his head will start clearing. And the level of aggression will decrease. That's the time to put him to sleep.

And in the morning?

— And in the morning he should be abundantly fed again, and best of all to offer the first dish! Solyanka and borscht are the best options. And his feeling will get better, and the smell will disappear.

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