Social projects

Social projects

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Social projects of the KiN Group

Social responsibility is a rather new concept in the Russian business world. This is a voluntary contribution of producers in the social, economic and environmental spheres. Abroad, many companies have long and actively been working in this direction.

As a socially responsible company the KiN Group has invested significant financial and emotional resources in the social and meaningful work, social and cultural projects for many years. We have implemented a lot of Russian and international projects and popularizing the art of cultural consumption of alcohol and national traditions feast. KiN publishes many educational and training literature, organizes competitions and master classes on bartenders’ art, as well as seminars for the staff of restaurants and cafes.

For many years the KiN Group has consistently and insistently been connecting its business with the national culture, guided by the motto: «The future of Russia in many ways we define ourselves. Those who want to live and work in Russia, make this future worthy». Musical events organized by us, whether it is concerts for the general public, retro-vernissage, photography, creative meetings or intimate saloon evening with the participation of artists such as Yuri Bashmet and Denis Matsuev, consistently indicate a subtle philosophy and patriotism of the company.

In 2007, KiN made a unique contribution to the development of the museum industry and presented to our fellow citizens the only in Russia Museum of Cognac History, which tells about the history, production and culture of consumption of this delicious drink. All museum exhibits are authentic, collected and brought to Russia from the region of Cognac.

An important issue remained untouched – the issue of proportion, which is still relevant in our country. We believe that this training of this useful skills should be started from a young age, so we start the Internet project «Know your limits!», intended for active users of the network.

Entertainment-education materials, advice of known persons and training games easily and unobtrusively tell young people about the limits, warning of the dangers of immoderate drinking, and convey the main idea of the project: alcohol is a pleasure only in moderate quantities.

The nearest plans of the KiN Group - the organization of special projects at the Museum of Cognac History for active users of social networks and university students.

We would like to involve in our endeavor as much as like-minded, social institutions and social organizations. We will be glad to hear your comments and suggestions!